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Yeltsin tells the dramatic story of the first democratically elected president of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, as he navigates the collapse of the Soviet Union and the challenges of leading a nation in transition.

Boris Yeltsin is a towering figure in modern Russian history, known for both his role in the collapse of the Soviet Union and his tumultuous tenure as the first democratically elected president of Russia. In Yeltsin, we explore the life and legacy of this complex and controversial leader, from his rise to power in the late 1980s to his eventual resignation in 1999. Through rare archival footage and interviews with those close to Yeltsin, including family members and former advisors, the film delves into the challenges he faced as he navigated the seismic shifts in Russian politics and society. We see him as a man of conviction and courage, willing to take bold actions and make tough decisions in the face of immense pressure and opposition. But we also see the human side of Yeltsin, with his struggles with alcohol and health and the toll that his leadership took on his personal life. The film paints a nuanced portrait of a man who, despite his flaws and mistakes, played a crucial role in shaping the course of Russian history. As Yeltsin’s legacy is still a topic of heated debate inside the country, Yeltsin offers a timely and thought-provoking look at the man who changed Russia.

CastBill Clinton
Tony Blair
Vladimir Putin
Alexander Lukashenko
Anatoly Chubais
Boris Nemtsov
Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Vladimir Gusinsky
Valentin Yumashev

Directed byYan Vizinberg

Written byYan Vizinberg

Edited byBruce Chilton
Maksim Zhura

Produced byYan Vizinberg
Abigail Honor
Chris Cooper

ProductionLorem Ipsum Entertainment

Release Date2023