War on Everyone
Action, Comedy, Crime2016R98 minEnglish

Two corrupt cops set out to blackmail and frame every criminal unfortunate enough to cross their path. Events, however, are complicated by the arrival of someone who appears to be even more dangerous than they are.

Bob Bolano and Terry Monroe are two crooked Albuquerque PD detectives. They hustle criminals, but their methods have landed them in hot water with their boss, and they are on their last warning. They get wind of a heist and muscle in on the action, robbing the perpetrators. Unfortunately for them, the mastermind of the heist is someone out of their league.

CastAlexander Skarsgård
Michael Peña
Theo James

Writte byJohn Michael McDonagh

Directed by John Michael McDonagh

ProducersChris Clark
Flora Fernandez-Marengo
Phil Hunt
Compton Ross

ProductionBankside Films
British Film Institute (BFI)
Reprisal Films

In Association withHead Gear Films
Kreo Films FZ
Metrol Technology

Distributor (CIS Region)Lorem Ipsum Entertainment
(through Arthouse subsidiary)

Theatrical Release2016