Starred Up
Crime, Drama2013Not Rated106 minEnglish

Eric Love, 19, is locked up in prison. On his first day, he assaults another inmate and several guards. He’s offered group therapy and his dad, an inmate as well, tries to talk sense into him. Can he be rehabilitated?

Eric Love, an explosive nineteen-year-old offender, finds himself thrown into the cruel, violent world of a high-security adult prison. As he struggles to assert himself to his supervisors and other equally dangerous detainees, Eric must also summon up the courage to compete with his father, Neville: a man who has spent most of his life behind bars. As Eric learns to keep his inner demons at bay and overcome his rage, little by little, he discovers new ways to survive. However, sinister forces are at work, threatening to destroy him.

CastJack O’Connell
Ben Mendelsohn
Gilly Gilchrist
Frederick Schmidt
David Ajala

Directed byDavid Mackenzie

Written byJonathan Asser

Produced byGillian Berrie

Sigma Films

In Association withCreative Scotland
Quickfire Films
Lipsync Productions
Northern Ireland Screen

Distribution (CIS Region)Lorem Ipsum Entertainment
(through Arthouse subsidiary)

Theatrical Release2013