A young Russian woman being smuggled into America bonds with the Egyptian transporter hired to drive her from Mexico to New York.

Natasha (Natasha Rinis), a beautiful Russian woman who is lured to the West by the promise of a modeling career. Landing in Mexico where she is briefly held captive, she becomes human cargo headed for sex slavery in New York, transported in the back of a truck driven by devout Muslim Sayed (Sayed Badreya). After Natasha makes a valiant but fruitless effort to escape, she winds up in the passenger seat next to Sayed, who clearly has no relish for his unsavory task but is desperate to make money for his family in Egypt. As might be expected, Natasha’s desperate attempts to appeal to his sense of morality begin to have a softening effect on her transporter, whose resulting crisis of conscience has fateful repercussions.

Cast:Natasha Rinis
Sayed Badreya

Directed byYan Vizinberg

Written by Yan Vizinberg
Lee Peterkin

ProducersAbigail Honor
Chris Cooper
Yan Vizinberg

Executive ProducerKarl Mann

ProductionLorem Ipsum Entertainment

DistributorsEntertainment One
Raven Banner Entertainment

Theatrical ReleaseOctober 21, 2011

Streaming ReleaseOctober 23, 2012