A fictionalized depiction of Harvey Weinstein’s transformation from a talented entrepreneur and a revered producer to a monster and a sexual predator.

In the late seventies, Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob, talented entrepreneurs and avid film lovers, co-found a motion picture distribution company. They name it Miramax — after their parents, Miriam and Max. Armed with unbridled ambition and extraordinary talent for telling stories, they grow their company from a small independent distributor of arthouse films into a major studio that rivals the Hollywood majors. Harvey, the older brother, becomes the most revered and powerful man in the film industry. But as his influence, fame, and wealth grow, he fails to control his monstrous appetites for more of everything — money, power, food, and women. Volatile and violent, he becomes notorious for abusing his employees, business partners, and the filmmakers he champions. At the height of his powers, he turns into a figure loathed and feared by many. But behind closed doors of studio offices and luxury hotel suites, an even darker story unfolds. Capable of making or breaking any actress’s career, Harvey transforms into a sexual predator, turning many of his employees into accomplices and Miramax’s empire into his private honeypot for naive — but often shrewd and calculating — young women.

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Produced byYan Vizinberg
Abigail Honor
Chris Cooper

ProductionLorem Ipsum Entertainment